Alabama Crimson: new video and new beginnings

My latest video and music, “Alabama Crimson” is like many previous videos I’ve created before, in that it’s a fictitious title sequence to a television drama.

I’ve always loved title sequences in their own right, such as Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), True Detective and from the movies North By Northwest (titles Saul Bass, music Bernard Herrmann) and Se7en. They are an artform in themselves.

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“Shoreline” is a short film by Chris Reeve and Roj Whitelock featuring models from the Sandra Reynolds agency, the film was shot on the Norfolk coast.

I provided the soundtrack to the film, writing original music to picture, following the mood of the pictures and reacting to the editing and making changes here and there to follow re-edits. Continue reading Shoreline

Day For Night

It’s been a while but here is a new track called “Day For Night”, I should explain how it came about, as it soon veered of in its own direction, with a few influences to guide me along the way.

In the past eighteen months I’ve written more than an album’s worth of classic rock tunes that I’d love to play live at some point, so while I wait for kindred spirits wanting to play original music here in Normandy, I thought I’d try something different while I wait.  I was initially inspired to write something bluesy along the lines of The Black Keys “Too Afraid To Love You“,  as it is bluesy but also they use all the combination of soundtrack sounds I’ve been using for years: harpsichord, hammond organ, trip hop drums. Continue reading Day For Night

Cutting Room Floor

Here we are Monday 8th August, 9am last Saturday “Cutting Room Floor” didn’t exist, and there was no thought to do such a style of track.

As you might have seen from previous blogs, most pieces of music are as a result of an accident or a detour from the original plan of action.

As usual I have a few tracks on the go both classic rock and soundtrack/instrumental, but couldn’t get anywhere, so I started afresh, loading up my music program (Logic) and immediately selecting a classic Fender Rhodes sound to play around with ideas.

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Sunshine in her soul

I’ve not written much recently, instead I’ve been learning how to play slide guitar, it’s always been a dark art.  Years ago I bought a glass slide from a shop in Denmark Street in London, along with the glass slide was a little slip of paper in the packaging recommending retuning your guitar to open E or open G.  For the non musicians, this means that rather than tuning your guitar to E-A-D-G-B-E, in the case of open G, the six strings are tuned to D-G-D-G-B-D (still with me?).  This means when you strum the strings without putting your fingers on the fretboard, you get the chord of G. Continue reading Sunshine in her soul


After a purple patch of writing demos for a collection of rock songs, I stumbled on writing “Shimmer” by accident.  Normally I’m strumming away on the acoustic and if anything is any good, I fire up Logic, my music program and record an idea.  I name each file, “Song 1” “Song 2” etc, “Shimmer” came from “Song 68”.  If looking for inspiration, I sometime go over my unused ideas and see if anything grabs me. Continue reading Shimmer

Just like London buses…

…you wait for a new song and three come along.

It’s been a productive couple of weeks or so, both for soundtrack music and rock demos.  I’m now getting a set together of original rock songs which I’d love to play live at some point, and this was furthered by demos for new songs “Fall from Grace” and “Bullet for the General”.

“Fall from Grace” started out quite simply, with a verse and chorus in the ballpark of Free/Bad Company (actually my real inspiration was Stillwater the fictitious band from the film Almost Famous, with Nancy Wilson and Pete Frampton among the songwriters). Continue reading Just like London buses…

“Fallen Angel – Burnt out Star”

The songwriting continues, some of the previous songs written in the past couple of months, such as Smoking Gun and Blood From A Stone have come from thinking of a riff and grabbing a guitar to work it out before the mojo is lost.  A week ago this song “Fallen Angel – Burnt out Star” didn’t exist, but sat with my tatty acoustic, a riff arrived, so I kept jamming it and working on it and thinking where it would go.
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