“Shoreline” is a short film by Chris Reeve and Roj Whitelock featuring models from the Sandra Reynolds agency, the film was shot on the Norfolk coast.

I provided the soundtrack to the film, writing original music to picture, following the mood of the pictures and reacting to the editing and making changes here and there to follow re-edits.

At the beginning to give me an idea of how to approach this, I was given a few examples of music that would fit the mood, one being the theme music to drama, The Bridge. From then I chose the sounds and started writing to picture.  Unlike a song or instrumental, if writing to picture, it’s not an even number of bars as you’re reacting to the edits and points in the story.

But it’s really good to show an example of writing to picture, rather than my other examples of soundtrack music, where I write the music and edit the video to suit.

Here’s “Shoreline”:

and here’s the audio, without the sound effects:


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