Day For Night

It’s been a while but here is a new track called “Day For Night”, I should explain how it came about, as it soon veered of in its own direction, with a few influences to guide me along the way.

In the past eighteen months I’ve written more than an album’s worth of classic rock tunes that I’d love to play live at some point, so while I wait for kindred spirits wanting to play original music here in Normandy, I thought I’d try something different while I wait.  I was initially inspired to write something bluesy along the lines of The Black Keys “Too Afraid To Love You“,  as it is bluesy but also they use all the combination of soundtrack sounds I’ve been using for years: harpsichord, hammond organ, trip hop drums.

Well of course something happened in the process, I could hear what direction it was going and tried to resist it, at least for five minutes.

As you’ll hear, in the end I just went for it and had fun putting it together, there’s little lead guitar in it despite of all that, but I do love how the outro turned out. I fancy writing my own lyrics on this too, you have to keep learning and trying things.

You’ll also notice some rather wonderful sax playing throughout, many thanks to Youssef, I think it lifts the song to a new level.  So here’s “Day For Night”:

Day For Night is a technique in film making used to simulate a night scene while filming in daylight, it is also, of course, a famous film by François Truffaut.


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