Sunshine in her soul

I’ve not written much recently, instead I’ve been learning how to play slide guitar, it’s always been a dark art.  Years ago I bought a glass slide from a shop in Denmark Street in London, along with the glass slide was a little slip of paper in the packaging recommending retuning your guitar to open E or open G.  For the non musicians, this means that rather than tuning your guitar to E-A-D-G-B-E, in the case of open G, the six strings are tuned to D-G-D-G-B-D (still with me?).  This means when you strum the strings without putting your fingers on the fretboard, you get the chord of G.

So I set up my battered acoustic and my ‘other’ electric guitar to open G, I slowly made progress with the basics of slide guitar.  So how do we get to “Sunshine in her soul”?

As I was playing around with my newly tuned guitars I experimented and jammed,  and without thinking came up with a riff I liked, eventually the riff expanded to “Sunshine in her soul”, it’s no co-incidence it sounds like the Stones, Keith Richard’s famously writes in open G, in fact with five strings as the low D is almost superfluous.

The slide guitar playing is coming along, I reckon in another 30 years time, I’ll be quite good, in the meantime writing in open G opens up many possibilities, it’s made for writing songs in the ballpark of the Stones and Southern Rock.  So expect more to come in the next few months.



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