After a purple patch of writing demos for a collection of rock songs, I stumbled on writing “Shimmer” by accident.  Normally I’m strumming away on the acoustic and if anything is any good, I fire up Logic, my music program and record an idea.  I name each file, “Song 1” “Song 2” etc, “Shimmer” came from “Song 68”.  If looking for inspiration, I sometime go over my unused ideas and see if anything grabs me.

The then “Song 68” had a rocky guitar riff, more in keeping with my recent rock songs, but wasn’t quite right, until I transposed it into a bass line, then things fell into place.

More than 20 years ago, I was in a Shoegazing band, I found by dabbling with my effects pedals (as you couldn’t be in a Shoegazing band without them by law) a haunting, epic, filmic guitar sound – reminiscent of the sound Slowdive used to make and later Mogwai and Sigur Ros.  I’ve never had a use for the sound – which relies on enormous amounts of reverb, until now – so added to the bassline , something started to happen.

I then used the same reverb on a Fender Rhodes and a piano going through a Rotary Speaker simulator for the ‘verses’.  As well as having elements of Shoegazing music, there’s also traces of Prog Rock in there.

As usual, the video is comprised of free footage, looks to me like a virtual Lava Lamp, but it makes the music make more sense, at least to me. The question now, is what next, I don’t know and that’s the enjoyment of it.

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