“Fallen Angel – Burnt out Star”

The songwriting continues, some of the previous songs written in the past couple of months, such as Smoking Gun and Blood From A Stone have come from thinking of a riff and grabbing a guitar to work it out before the mojo is lost.  A week ago this song “Fallen Angel – Burnt out Star” didn’t exist, but sat with my tatty acoustic, a riff arrived, so I kept jamming it and working on it and thinking where it would go.

Les Paul StudioFor the past few years I’ve played live with barely any effects pedals, my Les Paul Studio and Peavey Valveking and occasionally a wah wah pedal have been enough but inspired by a couple of bands new to me, I’ve started to experiment with delay, octave and tremolo and generally when I write I try to write what is feasible to play live, playing classic rock and blues.

Anyway “Fallen Angel – Burnt out Star” came together in little bursts of inspiration – certainly kicked off by adding the drums to the main riff. I then went on with no concrete direction to take, which is probably why it doesn’t sound, to me, like anything else I’ve written.  If I were to describe it, I’d say it’s swampy blues with a hint of 60’s thriller music with the addition of one or two kitchen sinks thrown in.  Anyway enjoy.

I put some footage together for the video, experimenting with the ‘green screen‘ technique to add more interest, and every time something new is learnt and can be applied to future projects.

You can hear more of my song demos on this page.

I certainly hope in the not too distant future to find other musicians to play original songs live, the search begins!


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