Blood from a stone

The songwriting/composing continues and for the last few weeks, I’ve been flitting between writing instrumental soundtrack music intended for film and television and demos for a rock band to play.

So here’s a new demo for a new month, Blood From A Stone taps into Southern Rock and a hint of Led Zep, it’s probably a strand I’ll continue with and develop as it’s fun to write and I imagine if I get to play my own music live one day, fun to play too.  I had most fun writing the middle eight and was pleased how it turned out and fitted into the song and makes a change from a lead break. It’s also entirely possible the title will change when the lyrics are completed, but I have to call it something in the meanwhile!

I created a simple video, the reason being, it serves as a player, on Facebook links to soundcloud don’t show a player but youtube videos do.

Here’s the soundcloud version, which is slightly longer, as it includes space for the vocals.


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