I did this track a couple of week’s ago, before I put together the website.  I was watching the second season of Fargo and the penultimate episode started off with a great 70’s funk soundtrack.

Somehow it seeped into my subconscious, and I started writing with the opening riff on the Rhodes and it developed from there, getting more bluesy along the way until it developed a life of it’s own.  Both the lead breaks were done in one take, you could go back and redo bits, but I think you gain something from a live take.

As the track is nearly four minutes long, it’s hard to create a video with free footage with a narrative, those I save for the short instrumental videos.  But it was still fun putting together the footage of turntables, it certainly seems like a track that should be played on vinyl due to it’s old school feel.

Already the website has been updated, but that’s always the case, you put it together and then try some new things to improve the look and functionality all the time. Back to the song writing.


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